Please apply from the application button on this web site.
Please fill out the necessary information and make a booking from the application button on this site.
You can also enter your desired destination from the form. You can pay fee by credit card.
Receive your Welcome NFT as a keepsake of your eco-friendly journey!
Click the URL attached to the email upon booking confirmation to receive your Welcome NFT (digital stamp).
The NFT remains as a keepsake of this eco-friendly journey.
Let's embark on a wonderful exploration in Okinawa.
Get into the EV taxi at the location you booked!
The EV taxi will be waiting at the location you booked.
The "EV" mark on the side of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 will help you identify the vehicle.
※ The vehicle color is either white or black. Please note that you cannot choose the color.
Enjoy in-car Wi-Fi and tablet apps while you travel!
Free Wi-Fi is available in the car.
Apps installed on the backseat tablets include an AI voice translation app and an AI tourism assistant.
We introduce tourist spots in Okinawa on the map.
Enjoy a clean and comfortable ride in the EV.
Collect NFT digital stamps!
When you visit specific spots in Okinawa, you can receive NFT digital stamps.
NFTs include detailed descriptions of each tourist spot in five languages.
Also, if you visit Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, you will receive a commemorative gift (metal bookmark)!
What happens if you collect more than 3 NFT digital stamps...?
If you collect more than 3 NFT digital stamps, you will be certified as a Motobu Town Storyteller and receive a special NFT.
Let's learn more about Okinawa's culture and history and aim to become a storyteller!
Answer the questionnaire and leave a memory of your journey!
You can get off at the location you choose.
If you answer the questionnaire, you will receive an NFT as a token of our appreciation for your participation.
A keepsake of your clean journey.
Let many people know about your clean journey!
The images of the NFTs you have acquired can be shared on social media.
Let many people know about your clean and exploratory journey.