Our Vision

Motobu Story Quest is a chartered EV taxi service aimed at allowing you to enjoy the beautiful natural environment of Okinawa in an eco-friendly manner. By promoting sustainable tourism centered around electric vehicles, we aim to help pass on Okinawa’s rich nature and culture to future generations.

Looking at the taxi industry as a whole, the average age of drivers exceeds 60 years old, with aging and labor shortages becoming severe issues. Operating EVs often requires more effort than regular vehicles, such as securing charging time and adjusting shifts. Despite these challenges, our drivers work tirelessly around the clock to operate EVs, contributing to the environment in the process.

Respect and Return

We hold deep respect for the dedicated efforts of these drivers. Without their hard work, Motobu Story Quest’s operations would not be possible. Therefore, we have decided to return a portion of the profits earned from Motobu Story Quest to our drivers. We hope that this initiative will not only serve as financial compensation but also boost their motivation and help improve their working conditions.

Efforts Toward a Sustainable Future

We emphasize the importance of sustainable tourism and environmental protection. By using EV taxis, we can help preserve the beautiful nature of Okinawa and connect it to the future. We also hope that each traveler will become more aware of environmental issues and make choices that are friendly to the planet.

Global CO2 Emissions and Climate Change

In recent years, global CO2 emissions have been increasing, and this is considered one of the major factors contributing to climate change. Particularly, coal-fired power plants emit large amounts of CO2, contributing to climate change.

While EVs do not emit CO2 while driving, the actual environmental impact varies depending on how the electricity is generated. If the electricity comes from renewable energy, CO2 emissions are almost zero. However, if it comes from fossil fuels, CO2 is still emitted during the generation process.

Currently, Okinawa heavily relies on fossil fuels, with about 90% of its power supply coming from coal-fired power plants and other fossil fuels. However, the Okinawa Prefectural Government has plans to increase the share of renewable energy to 26% by 2030, which raises expectations for more environmentally friendly power supply in the future.

A Request to Our Customers

By using Motobu Story Quest, you can participate in this initiative. Your journey will help protect the nature of Okinawa and support the efforts of our drivers. Through your travel experiences, we hope you will share the importance of environmental protection and a sustainable future.

We will continue to strive to build a better future together with you. We hope that your journey with Motobu Story Quest will be a wonderful experience for you and that it will support and encourage our drivers.

Enjoy a heartwarming journey while protecting the beautiful nature of Okinawa. Let’s aim for a sustainable future together with Motobu Story Quest.