An eco-friendly journey:
Rediscovering the appeal of Motobu
An exploration by EV taxi of the natural beauty, history and culture of Motobu, Okinawa

About Motobu Story Quest

Motobu Story Quest is a transportation service that takes you by EV taxi to the amazing attractions of Motobu, Okinawa.
By using a privately hired EV taxi, you enjoy your trip in an eco-friendly way.

Three model itineraries are prepared for you.
These itineraries explore Motobu focusing on the ocean, culture and seasons respectively.
Of course, you can customize an original itinerary by choosing the places you want to visit.
Each time you visit one of the spots on the itineraries, you receive a memorable NFT illustration as a free gift.

A story to kindle your curiosity awaits in Motobu, Okinawa.

Culture Story02

On this tour, we set out from the seaside beauty of Ocean Expo Park to experience the beating heart of the Town of Motobu. The harmony with nature within the park is woven from a culture and history that sprang from the bounty of the sea. The plants that flourish at the Tropical Dream Center offer you a warm welcome. Marvel at the mockup of a Ryukyu Dynasty ship exhibited at the Oceanic Culture Museum and other exhibits of marine treasures. These exhibits attest to the rich traditions nurtured in the seas off Motobu.

Our next visit is to Bise, a village surrounded by groves of fukugi trees. These groves are not only windbreaks but also testimony to the ceaseless industriousness of the townsfolk. As you walk along the path, shaded by the fukugi leaves, witness the sareibichi fishing fires and the unity of spirit among the community.

The Culture Story tour takes us to street scenes of Motobu Old Local Market and ends in the sacred milieu of Toguchi Shrine.

At the market, you gain a sense of the vibrancy of everyday commerce and food culture in Motobu. At Toguchi Shrine, listening to the tales of rituals and events held there will lead you to an understanding of the spirituality of the town and the firmness of the ties that bind this community together. Taking the Culture Story tour allows you to see with your own eyes the rich culture Motobu has cultivated. The many facets of this time-honored way of life will strike a chord deep within you.

9:00 AM
Depart hotel in the Village of Onna. Transfer to Motobu by EV taxi.
10:30 AM
Arrive at Ocean Expo Park. Tour the Oceanic Culture Museum at the Tropical Dream Center.
1:00 PM
Enjoy lunch of Okinawa soba or other local favorites at a nearby restaurant.
2:00 PM
Arrive at Bise Fukugi Tree Road. Walk among the trees and take in the Okinawa scenery of trees that have served as a windbreak for generations.
3:30 PM
Arrive at Motobu Old Local Market. Drop in at Zenzai cafe and try Zenzai, a delicious dessert soup made with azuki beans.
4:30 PM
PM Depart Motobu by EV taxi.
6:00 PM
Arrive at hotel in Onna.

Ocean Story01

Our story, which traces the shining jewel of the ocean off Motobu’s shore, begins at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. As you watch whale sharks swim languidly by and view the brilliance of coral reefs, Churaumi Aquarium will amaze you with the diversity of life in the ocean. In Okichan Theater at Ocean Expo Park, you will be amazed at Motobu’s rich ocean culture as you watch the dolphin show.

Walk or cycle along Fukugi Tree Road and experience the village of Bise and its harmony with nature, with stately houses surrounded by forest groves. In this spot where traditions such as sareibichi (drive fishing) live on, you can savor life atop the brilliant blue ocean.

At Sesoko Beach, enjoy striking views of Iejima Tatchu (Mt. Gusuku) against a backdrop of emerald-green sea. Here the natural beauty with which Motobu is gifted will reverberate in your soul.

Our Ocean Story tour offers a glimpse into life in the ocean paradise of Motobu. You’ll also feel the warmth of the local communities that live as one with the sea.

9:00 AM
Depart hotel in Naha. Transfer to Motobu by EV taxi.
11:00 AM
Arrive at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. View sights such as the whale sharks in their enormous tank.
At Ocean Expo Park, watch the dolphin show at Okichan Theater.
1:00 PM
Savor a lunch of Gurukun cuisine or other Okinawa seafood at a nearby café.
2:30 PM
Arrive at Bise Fukugi Tree Road. Walk along the ocean shore and take in the contrast between the emerald sea and the homes surrounded by forest.
3:30 PM
Arrive at Sesoko Beach. Admire the view of the emerald-green sea.
4:30 PM
Depart Motobu by EV taxi.
6:00 PM
Arrive at hotel in Naha.

Seasonal Story03

Our seasonal story begins at Mt. Yae, where the cherry blossoms bloom first in Japan. This is the perfect spot to savor the gentle spring of Motobu. The mountains where the vivid Ryukyu winter cherry trees (Prunus campanulata) bloom bring the history and natural beauty of Motobu together in striking fashion.

Our next stop takes us to Motobu Kariyushi Market. Here you can get answers to all your questions about the history and food culture of Motobu from the market’s helpful guides, all while shopping for delightful “Made in Motobu” local products.

The spring is a great time to visit, as you can only enjoy the taste of sweet-and-sour tankan mandarin oranges in this season. The coastline at Sesoko Beach is a wonderful place to feel the changes the shifting seasons bring. Walk along the beach collecting seashells as you contemplate the bounty of nature.

At one time this spot was a quarry for travertine, a type of limestone regarded as a decorative stone. Travertine quarried on Sesokojima was used in the construction of the National Diet Building in Tokyo. Learn about the history of this former quarry. In this Seasonal Story, you’ll view the scenes, taste the flavors and feel the winds of history of Motobu. You’ll experience the natural beauty of Okinawa as the seasons change and dive deep into the region’s history.

9:00 AM
Depart hotel in Naha. Transfer to Motobu by EV taxi.
11:00 AM
Arrive at Mt. Yae. Take photos and view the cherry blossoms in Sakuranomori Park.
1:00 PM
Enjoy lunch of Okinawa soba at a famous shop in Soba Kaido.
2:30 PM
Arrive at Motobu Kariyushi Market. Shop for souvenirs you can only get in this season, such as tankan mandarin oranges.
3:00 PM
Arrive at Sesoko Beach. Walk along the beach and take photos of the scene of Iejima Tatchu (Mt. Gusuku).
4:00 PM
Depart Motobu by EV taxi.
6:00 PM
6:00 PM Arrive at hotel in Onna.

Service Details and Conditions

User fees come to ¥50,000 (including tax). Cost of private hire of the EV taxi is based on 8 hours of use. If extra fees are required, you will need to pay them locally, possibly in cash. Please pay any parking and expressway fees locally. The model of the hired EV taxi is the Hyundai IONIQ 5(EV). Taxis are operated by Okinawa Daiichi Kotsu Co. Ltd. and Orion Daiichi Kotsu Co. Ltd. Departure points are various places in the southern area of the prefecture (south of Onna). Please specify a hotel, airport, port, etc. in the area south of Onna as your departure point when you book your trip. We will ask you in advance about excursions at each sightseeing spot, based on the model itinerary. However, in some cases changes can be made on the day. (acquisition of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is only available in Motobu.) You can have the taxi drop you off at the departure point or at another location of your preference. When you arrive at the sightseeing location, you will be given a QR code. Read the code to shift to a designated page to acquire NFTs. You can confirm the NFTs you received on My Page. The NFTs include images symbolizing each sightseeing location, accompanied by explanatory text and registered information such as the time and date of your visit. Stamp-rally and online-questionnaire features are also provided. In-car services include provision of a translation app, a guide to spots where NFTs can be acquired and free Wi-Fi. Reservations must be made no later than midnight five business days before the date of use.

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