Private EV Taxi Service
An eco-friendly,
carefree journey.
Rediscover new attractions with a private EV taxi in Okinawa.

Enjoy Okinawa
with a Private EV Taxi.

Motobu Story Quest is a service where you can rent an EV taxi to travel around Okinawa.
You can freely set your destination and fully enjoy various spots in Okinawa, including Motobu.
We also have three "recommended routes" for those who are unsure of where to go. These routes explore "the ocean," "culture," and "seasons."
Enjoy an eco-friendly trip and capture your memories with NFTs.

A story to kindle your curiosity awaits in Okinawa.

Step 1


A service that allows you to travel around Okinawa
with a private EV taxi

Step 2


You can freely set your destination

Step 3


You can get on and off
at any location

Step 4


Receive a commemorative NFT
at specific spots

Other Features


Usage time is 8 hours


3 suitcases

3 Days

Apply up to 5 days in advance

Service Details and Conditions

User fees come to ¥50,000 (including tax). Cost of private hire of the EV taxi is based on 8 hours of use. If extra fees are required, you will need to pay them locally, possibly in cash. Please pay any parking and expressway fees locally. The model of the hired EV taxi is the Hyundai IONIQ 5(EV). Taxis are operated by Okinawa Daiichi Kotsu Co. Ltd. and Orion Daiichi Kotsu Co. Ltd. Departure points are various places in the southern area of the prefecture (south of Onna). Please specify a hotel, airport, port, etc. in the area south of Onna as your departure point when you book your trip. We will ask you in advance about excursions at each sightseeing spot, based on the model itinerary. However, in some cases changes can be made on the day. (acquisition of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is only available in Motobu.) You can have the taxi drop you off at the departure point or at another location of your preference. When you arrive at the sightseeing location, you will be given a QR code. Read the code to shift to a designated page to acquire NFTs. You can confirm the NFTs you received on My Page. The NFTs include images symbolizing each sightseeing location, accompanied by explanatory text and registered information such as the time and date of your visit. Stamp-rally and online-questionnaire features are also provided. In-car services include provision of a translation app, a guide to spots where NFTs can be acquired and free Wi-Fi. Reservations must be made no later than midnight five business days before the date of use.

Contact Us

・Please apply for this service by accessing the application page, filling in the necessary information on the form, and sending it.
・For questions about the service content, please contact the email address listed on the application page.
・The application page is the website of Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. Privacy policy and terms of use are in accordance with the Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. website. ・For inquiries from corporations and media, please contact us through the Sumitomo Corporation website. On the page you will be directed to, please select "Transportation Machinery & Construction Machinery Business Unit" in the "Contact Sales Department" section.